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The exploitation of flats for tourism is a business model that is very much on the agenda in the year 2020. Instead of renting your flat to tenants on long-term contracts, you rent it to tourists for a short or medium term, increasing your income considerably.

However, in order to fully enter the world of tourist flats, you must know the regulations for tourist flats in Madrid.


The Community of Madrid’s Tourism Ordinance is regulated by Law 1/1999, of 12 March.

To know the regulations of tourist flats in Madrid, you have to know that the regulation of tourist flats and dwellings for tourist use is determined by the Decree 79/2014, being partially modified by the Decree 29/2019.

Decree 29/2019 refers to the following aspects of the regulations:








It will be necessary to differentiate between tourist flats and houses for tourist use.

Tourist flats are those properties made up of complex accommodation units, equipped with facilities, equipment and services in conditions of immediate occupation, habitually used by their owners or representatives for occasional tourist accommodation, without being permanent residences for users, by means of price and complying with the principle of unity of exploitation.

On the other hand, dwellings for tourist use are those flats, studios, flats or houses which, habitually furnished and equipped in conditions of immediate use, are marketed and promoted in tourist supply channels or by any other means of marketing or promotion, to be ceded in their entirety for the purpose of tourist accommodation and in exchange for a price.

In short, the main difference between these two types of accommodation is that tourist accommodation can be located in residential buildings, while tourist flats are located in areas where all the properties are dedicated to holiday homes.


The regulations for tourist flats in Madrid state that those owners or management companies that wish to offer tourist accommodation services in the form of tourist flats must offer their service in exchange for a price, in a professional manner and always without the character of permanent residence for the users.

The same applies to tourist flats.


Whether it is a tourist flat or a dwelling for tourist use, it must comply with the regulations on safety, urban planning, accessibility, health, the environment and horizontal property that are set out in the aforementioned law 1/1999 on tourism.

At the same time, the rights and duties of the users are mentioned. These duties include compliance with the basic rules of coexistence, drawn up by the communities of owners.


People who wish to stay in a tourist flat or a dwelling for tourist use, must do so exclusively for the purpose of enjoying the facilities as a tourist and never in the form of a permanent residence or any other purpose that is contrary to tourist use.


The natural or legal person who is to be responsible for the tourist operation of the flat or house must submit a declaration of responsibility reflecting the following:

-The establishment complies with all the requirements established in the current and applicable regulations.

-The commitment to communicate the cessation of the activity or any modification of the initial declaration to the General Directorate of Tourism of the Community of Madrid.

-Permits and licences required by Public Administrations and Bodies are held.

-The obligations with respect to tourism companies, contained in Law 1/1999, are known.


The regulations for holiday rentals in Madrid require the Certificate of Suitability for Tourist Housing. To obtain it, the following requirements must be met:

-Cold and hot water must be available, as well as heating.

-There must be at least one ventilation system that communicates directly with the outside.

-A manual fire extinguisher must be available in the house at least 15m from the exit.

-The exit from the dwelling must be marked.

-It will be compulsory to place an evacuation plan of the building’s exit door in a visible place.

-The Certificate of Suitability for Tourist Use must be available to guests.


The regulations for tourist flats in Madrid are quite clear with the obligations:

-There must be a minimum of one living-dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

-It will be necessary to provide users with a contact number in case of possible queries or incidents. In addition, they must be provided with the contact number of the main emergency and health services, in at least two languages: Spanish and English.

-The property must be fully equipped and ready for immediate use.

Official complaint forms must be provided in a visible area.

-The owner or the person in charge of the tourist exploitation of the flat must have a civil responsibility insurance that covers the risks of the users.

-Information about the accessibility of the property must be provided to users.


The regulations for tourist flats are something that must be known in depth in order to offer an accommodation service that complies with everything that is reflected in these regulations. Each Autonomous Community has its own regulations, so these will vary from one community to another.

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