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Have you ever been to a hotel or an apartment complex? What time did you have to leave the room? In many cases, soon, right?

The late check out is a service that consists of leaving the room or vacation home later than normally. Currently, this service is being offered by few vacation homes, but in the hotel world it is a strategy that is quite successful.


The late check out allows tourists to organize their trip with greater tranquility, since they are not subject to an early hour in which they are forced to leave the vacation home.

In this way, they can better clarify the routes in the morning, without having to get up early, which they will always be grateful for.


It is not always possible to use this type of strategy. If you have a rented room until the 15th and on the 15th you have another reservation, you will not be able to apply this service, since you need a minimum amount of time to update the room or the property in terms of cleaning or welcome packages.

In turn, you should study whether to apply it as an extra paid or free service. If you are in high season it is highly recommended to add a price that is attractive to the tourist. In low season, on the contrary, since there is less demand, it would be convenient to reduce the price or offer it as a free extra service.


The late check out is a strategy that has benefits for owners and tourists, they all win.

The tourist will save having to get up early and will have extra time in the morning to organize possible travel routes. There are many flights that take place in the afternoon. If the tourist has to leave the property at 11 in the morning, they are forced to spend time on the street, often carrying heavy suitcases. Better save them from this situation  don’t you think?

As for the owner, the biggest benefit is the considerable increase of bookings. More and more vacation homes are applying this strategy as it is a service more and more demanded by tourists. Whoever offers this service, whether it is free or paid, is going to see, in short, the number of reservations and, therefore, their income.


Surely, you entered this page because you wanted to know what late check out means. At Hosticasa, we think that, if you were looking for the meaning of that strategy, you might also be interested in learning about other types of strategies that can help you increase your online bookings. Below, you will find an article that will be of great help for the best management of your vacation rental:

Although the time of departure or check out is usually between 10 and 12, check in or entry is usually found between 12 and 3 in the afternoon.

The late check out consisted of leaving later than the usual time, being the early check in entering the establishment earlier than normal. There are many flights that, due to the price, tourists take in the early hours of the morning, arriving at their destination at a few hours when the hospitality industry is not used to operating.

Offering the customer an early check-in service can attract the attention of those tourists who have booked an early flight to their destination. Early check in is not a strategy that can be applied in 100% of the cases, since you can have clients who leave the same day that other clients enter, making it impossible for those who are already staying to leave the house prematurely. .

It is an ideal strategy for the days when you do not have anyone staying.


We will summarize this section in one word: reviews. Try  that the client leaves reviews on your website or on your social networks.

It is vital that when a potential client is on your website, they see that many people have liked your holiday home. While it is true that people tend to leave reviews when they have had a bad experience, it is also true that 70% of tourists are willing to leave a good review if their experience has been positive and they are told how to leave it.


It seems vital to watch the competitors at all times. What types of services do they offer? Do they  offer late check out or early check in? What do they offer that you don’t? All these questions are important to answer to make an analysis.

You must offer a differentiated service that increases the value of your property.

This is accomplished, for example, with welcome packs or extra services.

At Hosticasa, we have contact with multiple local entities dedicated to leisure. In our Web App clients can purchase activities of all kinds: by bicycle, water sports, excursions … All this generates added value to the property and the tourist knows it and thanks it in the form of a reservation.


Once the user has visited your website, you have to get their attention. You can generate a call to action that urges the tourist to give you their contact. Once they do this, you have already captured a lead. With that contact, you can send them emails with special offers of your properties.

The tourist, for his part, will see that you are interested in them and if they see a good offer they will not hesitate to take it. Are you interested in increasing your occupancy rate? Do not hesitate to visit the following article:


At Hosticasa, we are dedicated to the management of vacation homes and we have a multidisciplinary team that provides the maximum professionalism of the properties. With our comprehensive service, we take care of everything; check in, check out, visibility on digital platforms, web positioning, cleaning, maintenance and a long etc. 

We apply a wide number of strategies such as Revenue Management or Channel Management, which include the aforementioned late check out among its possibilities. 

If you have a property and want us to manage it, contact us! We will be happy to inform you.