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In recent years, there is a segment within the tourism sector that has undoubtedly experienced significant growth: holiday rentals. More and more people are deciding to rent their homes for tourism purposes.

Spain is no exception, as in some Spanish cities, the growth of this type of tourist accommodation grew by up to 50% annually, prior to COVID19.

At Hosticasa we offer tourist accommodation management services, backed by a long track record and years of experience. Likewise, in this article, below, we will leave you a series of keys to achieve an efficient management of your tourist accommodation.


The tourism market is becoming more and more digitalised, and many travellers decide to make their travel arrangements through online services. Therefore, in order to properly manage tourist accommodation, it is necessary to have an online presence.

First of all, it is necessary to have your own website. From here, the guest will be able to see the services you offer, the location of the tourist accommodation and the prices. It is also important to have a presence on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. This is especially relevant if your target audience is young, as they are the ones who use social networks the most.

Within the website itself, you should offer customers the possibility to book a tourist accommodation. For this task, you should have an online booking engine. In addition to offering the possibility of making the reservation via telephone, email or traditional.

It is essential that the website has a secure card payment system. All financial transactions will be carried out by this method.


At the beginning you will not need to hire anyone else, you will be able to run the business on your own. But as you progress, you may need to have your own team. Once you start having employees, it is important to maintain high levels of motivation and communication between them.

While taking care of your human capital, you also need to take care of your infrastructure. Therefore, you should take care of your accommodation, keep it always clean and well presented. In addition, you should make sure that it is well located and accessible to guests.

To make your services more attractive, you should offer more than just accommodation. You should combine accommodation with other activities, such as excursions to places of interest, gastronomic recommendations or recommending cultural events in the area. A good way to do this would be to assign the task to an employee, who writes articles with recommendations about these activities and uploads them on the website.


There are certain softwares that are indispensable in the management of tourist accommodation. Companies in this sector should go for digitalisation in the management for owners using a PMS of transparency such as Avantio. At Hosticasa we already use Avantio, as well as having our own app:

Thanks to this type of software, we will be able to successfully carry out two types of management: Channel and Revenue Management. Channel Management involves the management of the company’s distribution channels, as well as its website and booking engine. A good Channel Management is achieved with a good booking software, maintaining a good communication with the client and the accommodation.

Whereas Revenue Management predicts customer behaviour in order to maximise profits. In order to achieve a good Revenue Management it is necessary to establish a coherent pricing strategy in addition to forecasting demand to maximise revenue.

These are some of the factors necessary for good management of tourist accommodation, especially in the case of holiday homes.

In Hosticasa, over the years we have been fulfilling each of these factors, which has made us an excellent choice for those who decide to embark on this market, offering various services and advantages in terms of the management of these tourist accommodation is concerned.

So, do not hesitate, contact Hosticasa, and we will help you to manage your tourist accommodation!