In recent years, there is a segment within the tourism sector that has undoubtedly experienced significant growth, that of holiday rentals. There are more and more people who decide to rent out their homes for tourism purposes. Spain is no exception, since in some Spanish cities, the growth of this type of tourist accommodation reached up to 50% annually, prior to the COVID19.

At Hosticasa we offer tourist accommodation management services, backed by a long history and years of experience. Likewise, in this article, we will leave you a series of keys to achieve an efficient management of your tourist accommodation:

  • First of all, having your own web page; from this we promote the accommodation as well as providing other information such as location, rates, etc…
  • It is necessary to have a secure card payment system, as all money transactions will be carried out through this method.
  • We recommend relying on systems that allow you to maintain high levels of motivation and communication among your company’s staff.
  • Take great care with your accommodation, keeping it clean at all times.
  • Have a presence in social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, especially when your target audience is young.
  • That the accommodation is accessible, that it is well geolocated for the guests.
  • It is essential to have an online booking engine, also offering the possibility of making the reservation in the traditional way, via telephone or email.
  • The company must bet on digitalization in the management for owners (in Hosticasa we offer it with using a transparent PMS like Avantio.
  • Being able to perform a good Channel Management, this will be achieved with a good booking software, maintaining a good communication with the client and the accommodation.
  • Combine accommodation with other activities, upload articles related to excursions, places of interest, gastronomic recommendations or local cultural events to your website.

These are several of the factors necessary for good management of tourist accommodation, especially in the case of holiday homes.

At Hosticasa, over the years we have been fulfilling each of these factors, which has made us an excellent option for those who decide to embark on this market, offering various services and advantages as far as the management of these tourist accommodations is concerned.