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At Hosticasa, we offer up to three different services in terms of property management: long-term rental management, holiday rental management and property sale management. In each of our services we offer several advantages that are difficult to find in other companies, making us one of the best, if not the best, rental management company in Spain.


In our company, we have designed this type of service in such a novel way that you will find nothing but benefits. The long term rental management services we offer at Hosticasa are Traditional Service of Hosticasa Real Estate (here we will look for tenants and make a contract that guarantees the viability of the rent) and the Innovative Service of Hosticasa Management ( in this case, we market the rent of your property and we will follow it up, taking care of the possible incidents).

At the same time, each service will be divided into other modalities. For example, the Traditional Service of Inmobiliaria Hosticasa is then divided into:

  • Owner Marketing (here Hosticasa will offer you several services such as marketing of the property and a study of the economic viability)
  • In Tenant Marketing (also offering interesting services such as a face-to-face or electronic signature and an estimate for insurance against non-payment).

The same happens in the Innovative Service of Hosticasa Management, this one then is divided in three modalities: 

  • 10-month management: Hosticasa will invoice and charge monthly the equivalent of 15% of each of the first 10 monthly payments.
  • Intermediate Management: 15% of the first 10 monthly payments will be charged, and then 10%, with contracts of up to 5 years.
  • Complete management: identical to the previous one, but with contracts of up to 7 years.

You still want more information about this service, see our blog article talking in depth about our long term rental management.


We also have a temporary rental management service. This is a new management service where homeowners who are thinking of renting for tourism operations, opt for this variable to get more profit. This service should work in a dual way with the holiday rental to maximize profits.

Hosticasa’s commission on temporary rentals will vary according to the period of time established for the use of the property:

  • if the rent is less than 3 months, our commission will be 20% of the net rent
  • if the rent is between 3 and 11 months, the commission will be 15% of the net rent
  • if the period of time foreseen for the rent is longer than 11 months, a commission of 10% of the net rent will be applied.


At Hosticasa we are dedicated to the tourist housing management services sector, having designed a series of services in which the owner will benefit. We will help the owner to turn their property into a holiday home, thanks to the different services that we include in our holiday rental management, such as:

  • Marketing Service: where we manage the profile of your property in channels such as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia or TripAdvisor. In addition to optimizing prices and managing reservations using channel management and revenue management strategies.
  • Marketing Service + Check In: this service is for those owners who want to actively participate in the exploitation of their tourist property. They would only have to take care of the cleaning and laundry.
  • Comprehensive Management Service: Hosticasa’s star service, the “all-inclusive”. In this service we take care of absolutely everything regarding the management of the property.

All these services help us to become the best rental management company in Spain. If you still want to know more about our holiday rental management service, you can read the following article.


We also offer a property sales service, with our own real estate portal. In addition to advertising on social networks and the best digital portals.

We understand that having an empty house waiting to be sold is to lose money. That is why we offer a totally innovative system in which you will be able to acquire passive income while we exploit your property for tourism until the house is sold.

Many years of experience guarantee us, so do not hesitate to contact us! And we will offer you the best rental management service in Spain.