Experts in Holiday Rental Management in Spain

I have always rented my property as a fixed-term tenancy. I didn't have luck with the last tenant, because he was not reliable with the monthly payments of 550 € and carried debts, being a 3-bedroom apartment along the heart of the coast. Hosticasa contacted me and introduced us to holiday renting. On top of tripling my monthly income, I don't have to worry about anything!
Cliente contento gestion de alquiler vacaional en las palmas
José Hernández
I have always oriented my apartments towards holiday rentals. My properties are managed by direct relatives, but often they do not fulfill some of the tasks that the holiday rental requires. I understand that my children have their work to do. Hosticasa offered to help us cover the weaknesses that we had, and now we always offer quality and efficient accommodation.
Cliente contento gestion de alquiler vacaional en las palmas
Concha Jiménez
We had posted rural houses on Airbnb. We thought that we carried out a good management, but, thanks to the added value that Hosticasa contributes with its services for our homes, we have been able to increase the monthly reservations and, not worry about the time we would lose in attention to guests, check-in, check-out, etc.
Marta Padrón
I am retired and I like to be active offering my properties as holiday rentals. However, I am not great at I.T. so I wasn't able to manage my properties online very well. Hosticasa posts my properties in an attractive way with a company image and on over 50 digital platforms. They utilise the 30 days of the month to the maximum and now I can enjoy myself, simply, worrying about taking care of my guests.
Cliente Gestión de Alquiler Vacacional en Las Palmas
Juan Manuel González

Traducido por Patricia Strange Durante.