Management of tourist apartments on Booking

Management of tourist apartments on Booking

We cannot deny the strength that Booking has on an international level. It is a platform that brings us a lot of reservations and an ally that we must know how to use correctly. It began as a site directed at hotel chains, and now you can find an infinite number of houses and apartments for tourists being marketed. But this is not a reason to not depend 100% on our reservations and profile on Booking. We need to include a strategy that allows us to take the maximum advantage of each of the platforms that we have at our disposal.

In order to carry out an effective management of the advertisement or profile on Booking – and on any of the other platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia, Tripadvisor -, we need to fulfill the 3 golden rules:

– An attractive advertisement that includes professional photographs which makes our property stand out.

Management of the price or charges of the tourist accommodation: we must consider that not every month will be the same and demand is not always the same, for this reason we must carry out accurate price changes and restrictions on the minimum amount of nights in order to attain the maximum profit possible.

– Guest care: There is no point doing everything excellently if the guidance and attention to the occupant are dismal. They are our bosses and we must treat them like so!

gestion de alquiler vacacional en las palmas
By fulfilling these standards, we will be carrying out a suitable optimisation of the profile or advertisement on Booking. The comprehensive management of a holiday home or tourist accommodation requires a lot of dedicated time. We will always have to adapt to the market!

Some of the services that Hosticasa offers are digital management, where we handle reservations made to your profile on various platforms; reservation management, price optimisation, launching of strategies according to season, etc.

If you do not have time for the other tasks, you can use the tourist accommodation integral management and not have to worry about anything. However, if you wish to gain a greater profit and participate in the running of your property, the Gestión+Checkin service offers you all the services that the running of a holiday rental requires except the cleaning and laundry upon the exit of each guest.

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