Management of tourist apartments on Airbnb

Management of tourist apartments on Airbnb

Airbnb is by excellence the most powerful holiday rental platform. Unlike other platforms, here we can secure very low commissions. The most important thing to consider is the management of the AirBnB advertisement, as well as the AirBnB profile. Just like Google has its own algorithm, Airbnb also has one and we must manage this so that our advertisement stays on top.

Next, we are going to explain a few tricks for good holiday rental management on Airbnb – but don’t forget that there are more platforms for marketing our properties such as Booking, Expedia, Tripadvisor – .

AirBnB Profile Management

The AirBnB algorithm values high quality photographs. It is often effective to pay an industry professional for the AirBnB profile management, with professional photographs, rather than using our own photographs and see a direct negative impact on our reservations. If you are our client, you can directly benefit from a considerable price reduction in professional photographic articles.

AirBnB Price Management

The constant update of our tariff also accounts for the AirBnB algorithm, for this reason we will have to be very active with our advertisement on our profile and change the price according to demand. A good profile optimization will have a direct effect on profit.

Management of the Host’s reputation on Airbnb

Five star host: One of, if not the most, valuable factor is the score that guests give us. Our advice is that if we do not obtain the highest score in the first three reservations, it is better to delete the advertisement and create a new one. We need to make as much effort as possible in the beginning!

From Hosticasa, we know how tough it can be to take time out for the management of holiday homes or apartments, because of this we require a certain level of knowledge from our team.

With the Digital Management service, we propose, for very low commissions, the handling of your profile reservations and prices on different platforms, this means everything related to your advertisement. You will have to take care of the relevant obligations after receiving the guest’s reservation.

We have launched an innovative management, this is
 where, to explain briefly, you will only have to depend on one person that is in charge of the cleaning and laundry of the holiday rental. It’s that simple!

An Integral Management  of the holiday rental can’t be taken for granted,  and not to have to worry about anything.

Get in contact with us and benefit now from our tourist services for property owners in the Canary Islands.

Traducido por Patricia Strange Durante.