Management + Check-in

Digital Management + Holiday Rental Check-In

From Hosticasa we want to give owners the possibility of participating in the operation of their holiday rental, and what better way to do this than offering them this service which comprises all of the management, including the check-in service, except for the cleaning and laundry of the holiday rental after the guest’s departure.

We will oversee the digital management; posting on different platforms, reservation management, profile and tariff optimisation, as well as guest’s check-in and their relevant care before and during the stay.

In summary; we will do everything except the cleaning and laundry. It’s that easy! You can delegate these tasks to a relative or a trusted person. The organisation is very simple as the person in charge of this task will be able to access a calendar where they will see the days in which guests depart. In doing so everything will be ready for the following check-in.

In order to find out the situation regarding your holiday rental and how much commission we will charge for this service do not hesitate in contacting to us!

If it is a holiday home that can accommodate, at least, 4 guests and it is in an area of interest, we only charge 12% commission.

Gestión de alquiler vacacional

We charge between 15% of the reservations

  • Legal Advice:: We can accompany you if you want to have everything in order.
  • Professional photography of the property
  • Management on digital platforms:: We oversee continuously updating the advertisement on more than 20 digital platforms.  Ello implica labores de channel y revenue management que realizan nuestros técnicos, dicho en otras palabras, la optimización del anuncio y precio según la época del año, incluyendo también ofertas especiales y buscando siempre el 100% de ocupación.This involves platform maintenance and revenue management which our technicians carry out, in other words, the advertisement and price optimisation according to the time of the year, including also special offers and always looking to maintain 100% occupancy.
  • Positioning on different. platforms
  • Tariff optimisation.
  • Reservation Management
  • 24/7 customer service:: We know that in order to dedicate yourself to your holiday home it is necessary to fulfill a series of quality requirements. We will handle the guests from the moment they make a reservation, they check in and until they leave the property.
  • Check-in:: We will oversee giving guests the keys, welcoming them, explaining the apartment features, and providing advice on points of interest in the area and the city. And remind them of the rules!


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