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Keys for the success of your holiday rental

The foundation of a holiday rental is marked by the needs of the client and the focus they want to give but there are also a series of essential elements. At Hosticasa we have wanted to highlight the basic aspects that are needed for any holiday rental.

Claves para alquiler vacacional

Make your guests feel like they are at home

When people travel, whether that be for pleasure or for business, the first thing they look for is a place where they can feel like they are at home. From the decoration to the furniture, these are aspects that will make your holiday home feel much more welcoming. A good welcome service will also make the guests feel comfortable and will make them want to return.


A house is not complete if it does not include fixtures that allow us to live hassle-free. For this, obviously everything depends on the needs of each guest. Nevertheless, there are certain fixtures that must be included in each establishment. From small household appliances to certain furniture, these are elements that will make your guest’s stay much more comfortable and will improve the memory they have of their stay. Some household appliances like refrigerators, the hob or the microwave, are essential. Others such as the coffee maker or air conditioning are not important but without a doubt will improve the client’s opinion.

Also, often it is not enough to have these installations, but it is necessary to keep them in a good condition. Nobody wants these items to be broken or too old.


There are some basic cleaning items which must be included in any holiday rental. The cleaning that is carried out before the guests arrive, which is key, is not enough. We must also consider products that are going to be needed during their stay like toilet paper or cleaning products such as washing up liquid, detergent, etc.

Another important aspect to consider is that the clients have bed clothing available such as sheets, pillow covers and towels. Everything in case it is necessary. When we travel, usually we only have a certain amount of space and there are things we cannot take with us.

Do not be afraid to leave the management of your holiday rental in the hands of professionals.

We often resist leaving our holiday rentals in the hands of other people. But sometimes, due to lack of time or knowledge, it is necessary.

This is going to allow to you to easily have your property present on the main digital reservation platforms such as Airbnb, with a good profile management and more visibility for your potential clients. But if you want to go further, and you want an integral management for your holiday home, you can benefit from services such as check-in and check-out, transfer from the airport or cleaning.

Do not doubt in contacting us if you want to know more.

Traducido por Patricia Strange Durante.