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You are not the only one who ponders this on a daily basis in the tourist era in which we live. Many owners are thinking:  Short-term rent? Long term rent? There are even those who want to sell the property.

If the latter is your case, from Hosticasa you can earn money monthly until we manage to sell your property. Sounds good, right?

All these doubts are easily resolved by studying the property of each of our clients. Vacation rental is an economic boom in the tourism sector. 20 years ago, if you wanted to offer a tourist accommodation service, you had to set up a hotel or an apartment complex, but the scene has evolved.

Currently, many people are looking to rent their vacation home to tourists, enjoying extensive benefits. If you have a second property with which you want to generate income, but do not know how, you are in the right place!


Entering the world of vacation homes is like entering the business world. Before entering you have to look at the competitors, what they offer, at what prices, etc.

Once you have all this clear, look at your property and your economic capacity. What can you offer Do you have a pool? Do you include excursion packages? There are factors to take into account that will determine the price that people will pay for your home and that will influence how many people are interested in renting with you.


 Since the amendment of the Urban Leasing Law in 2013, vacation rentals have been excluded from national regulations, becoming the responsibility of the Autonomous Communities, each establishing its own requirements. 

Unfortunately, there are quite a few disparities between communities, so you will need to be well informed about the regulations of the community in which you have the property. Wherever you are, these are the essential requirements to start operating legally: Have a license to enable an occupancy license.

Register the property in the registry of tourist establishments of the Autonomous Community and sign a responsible declaration.Use the registration code that they give you in any advertising of the house.


Although it is true that you do not need a career or higher studies to rent your vacation home, you would need some knowledge about Revenue Management, which allows you to know, among other things, how to manage prices or how to increase the occupancy rate. There is a lot of documentation on Google about this, you can even find free courses!


Once you know what the competitors are offering and what you can afford to offer, you must differentiate yourself from other properties. Investigate what tourists likes are. Learn about them, what they like, what they look for at what price. All this will help you understand the tourist and offer them the best possible service, differentiating you from the rest of the properties that are not so involved.


As an alternative and in exchange for a commission, you can transfer the management of holiday homes to companies that are experts in this type of service. 

At Hosticasa, we are experts in this area, since we have spent years offering the best services to owners who did not know how to manage their properties, providing a great income. We have specialized staff with multidisciplinary training capable of increasing web positioning, generating greater visibility and increasing the occupancy rate and therefore revenue.

Hosticasa offers a series of management services among which we find: Digital Management (marketing and booking management), Management + Check In (intermediate management) and Integral Management (Hostotal)


Do you not handle with ease the different vacation rental platforms? No problem! We help you to rent your vacation home.

At Hoticasa we are experts in managing the profile of tourist apartments on digital platforms very popular with tourists such as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia or Homeaway.

We offer a price optimization service and reservation management in the different digital channels.

Does it fall short? We also promote homes with collaborations in travel agencies or tour operators! We also offer a professional home photography service, since an image is worth a thousand words. Optional transfer service to and from the airport for tourists. Click here!


Do you want to give up the management of a tourist apartment, but at the same time be a participant in other tasks? This is your option!

We offer everything mentioned in Digital Management and we also take care of the check in service. You only have to take care of the cleaning and laundry services. We take care of legal advice, professional photography, management on digital platforms, positioning, optimization of rates, 24/7 guest service and Check in. Optional transfer service to and from the airport for tourists. Click here!


Do you want to rent your vacation home without worrying about anything? This is your option!

Our star service, the all-inclusive. With this service we take care of absolutely everything, all you have to do is to receive the income! We take care of legal advice, professional photography, digital platform management, positioning, rate optimization, reservation management, 24/7 guest service management, checkin, checkout, cleaning and laundry, and maintenance coordination.

In addition, we offer tourists an extra transfer service to and from the airport. We also offer auxiliary services in our web app, where thanks to contacts with multiple local leisure companies, we give a very important added value to the property, offering a wide variety of excursions and activities. Do not miss all our possibilities!


Many people want to rent their house for vacations, but they do not trust professional management companies. One of the reasons for this to happen is the lack of knowledge of the benefits that this brings to the owner.

First of all, free time is greatly increased since you have someone doing the work for you. The workload from which you free yourself is immense, being able to take advantage of time with other work that does not require so much effort and reports good benefits or simply enjoying your time while others work for you.

On the other hand, you are professionalizing your property in all areas, since they are qualified experts and industry experts who will manage your properties.

Last but not least, you will see your emoluments increase enormously, as the number of reservations increases. In short, if you want to rent your house for vacations, but you do not know how or you do not have the time it requires, we invite you to contact us for more information.