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Holiday lodgings in the Canary Islands

The holiday homes represent the new paradigm of accommodation, both for the tourist as for the digital nomad: business travelers usually travel in groups and no longer stay in traditional hotel rooms. Its growth increases every year, yielding benefits for all the companies or individuals that manage them, for all the local businesses and catering businesses that are nearby since they become directly and inevitably involved in the economy of the area they are visiting. For this reason, holiday rentals in the Canary Islands are beginning to take away ground from hotels and apartment chains, who see their mass of clients reduce every year.

Guesthouses began to be a refuge based on the hospitable character of the neighbours of the small local regions, that are part of the travelling routes, offering food and rest to those who follow those journeys along pilgrimage paths.
The concept, evolved and today we can find, related to the concept of privacy, flexibility and autonomy, that the clients demand more and more.

A new paradigm

Without a doubt, this last part we mentioned, is the foundation of a new generation, which opens a new mentality, in which holiday rentals are referred to.
The generational change, together with the philosophy of saving; has created a market niche that is growing by leaps and bounds. Holiday home rentals continue growing thanks to the characteristics that we have named previously.
Tourists demand a flexibility and an integrity that are linked to the feeling of having more autonomy which has been growing for some years.
Holiday homes offer:

  • Complex use of home services
  • Privacy
  • Scheduling autonomy, in terms of entrance, exit and even for meals. There are many hotels that offer a scheduled buffet service but not everyone wants to adapt to these, to eat.
  • Sense of home

This is one of the many reasons, that they have enabled the considerable growth of holiday rentals.
This growth is especially seeing a particular rise in guesthouses and holiday homes in the Canary Islands through diverse management platforms.

Holiday home management in the Canary Islands

And why does this occur in the Canary Islands?
The last report from the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Strategy unveils some data about the importance that holiday rentals are having in the Canary Islands.
We have in front of use an ascent of 24%, which more than ever brings guesthouses and holiday rentals closer to the great giants of tourism: hotels.
In particular, the island of El Hierro, has become a place where its tourism is based mainly on rural holiday home rentals, all of them are managed by individuals or holiday home management companies.
To find similar growth to El Hierro, we look to the island of Gran Canaria
Here, property owners are beginning to realise that they can earn income and offer better housing features than those that hotels offer; or something closer to the homely features that clients are asking for.
But there is a series of requirements that all holiday accommodation in the Canary Islands must fulfill:

  • The home cannot be in an area which is categorised as a tourist zone or similar.
  • It is necessary to have a license and a tourism patronage plaque for each island; that certify that the home can be used as a holiday rental.Once the patronage documentation has been registered, the holiday rental activity can begin.
  • The home cannot be partially rented.

Finally, and most importantly:

  • To have the license or the tourist guesthouse registry for the house certified by the Police.

These requirements and processes can be obtained individually but there are several companies, that are dedicated to the holiday home management.. This can accelerate the process and even avoid delays; since they look after each area concerning holiday accommodation.

Enjoy the destiny

This is the premise that has allowed holiday accommodation in the Canary Islands to gain more importance.
The features that holiday homes offer, mean that the journey that holidays can create may be enjoyable, as the destiny that it covers.
It particular the quality-price relationship, together with temporary flexibility and intimacy that holiday homes offer, have obtained these rising results.
This, together with the tendency and increase of the digital nomads, has allowed this sector to acquire the scale that we are noticing.
On the sidelines of this all is another added value, which has been without a doubt, the great source of income which holiday rentals entail. Mainly in the Canary Islands, where a splendid climate can be enjoyed throughout most of the 365 days of the year.

Article written by: Aarón Peón Gil
Para: Carlos Román, CEO de Hosticasa.

Traducido por Patricia Strange Durante.