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Esta página web utiliza “cookies”

This web page uses ‘”cookies”
Description: The cookies constitute a tool used by the Web servers to store and to recover information about their visitors.
It is no more than a text file that some servers ask our navigator who writes on our hard disk, with information about what we have been doing on their web pages.
These have an expiration date, which can vary based on the time that the session lasts until a determined date, once that date concludes the cookie expires.
As is hosted on a server with this technology, it uses cookies to facilitate the user’s navigation and to obtain a greater efficiency and customisation of the services offered.
The cookies used on are associated solely with an anonymous user and their computer, it does not provide credentials that allow it to deduce the full name of the user and it cannot read data from their hard disk nor include virus in their texts.
Our web cannot read the cookies installed on the hard disk of the user from other servers either.

The user can freely decide on the implementation on their hard disk of the cookies used on The user cannot format their navigator to accept or to reject all cookies by default or to receive a warning on screen of the receipt of each cookie and to then decide their installation or not on their hard disk.
If the user formats its navigator to reject all the cookies or to reject the cookies from they will be able to browse the web with the only disadvantage of not being able to enjoy the functionalities of the platform that require the installation of some of them.
The user will be able to eliminate the installed cookies of on their hard disk at any time, following the procedure established in the help section of his navigator.

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