About Us

Professional Holiday Rental Management Team in Spain

Hosticasa has developed after the increasing demand for holiday rentals in Spain and the lack of resources for individuals to make profit from their property. We are a homegrown organisation thdasdsadsaat operates from our islands. We are dedicated to the tourism industry and we seek to offer the best experience to guests. We opt for technology to maintain the highest security and control over our clients’ properties.


100% Homegrown organisation. Trust in a company with a proposal of unique value based on research, development and innovation, which also promotes qualifications for the Spain population.


From engineers to tourism professionals, Hosticasa offers highly professional services that are in agreement with the quality that both tourists and residents demand.


We are motivated by our country and our people. Tourism is the economic force of the Spain and all we can all be part of it. We dedicate our time and our effort in continuing to develop so that our clients can earn more.

PHASE 1 – To achieve a good position amongst holiday accommodation websites

Each holiday rental platform, just like Google does with websites that it positions within its search, values a series of parameters to give you greater or smaller visibility. Hosticasa emerged from the University Foundation of Las Palmas and after detecting digital deficiencies in the industry. We rely on a team of engineers that will carry out unique work within this market.

We also like to take care of all of the details, and we pleased to attend to guests 24 hours a day with care so that their property always has the best score. It is a key factor for success!

PHASE 2 – To always seek 100% occupancy in the tourist property.

There are certain properties that have a higher appeal, as well as being in tourist areas, for this reason we will not need to advertise the property via many rental channels in order to maintain 100% occupancy. It is about looking for a perfect balance to maintain the highest occupancy in properties, that is to say, if we have a house in an area of little interest, we will spend more time in placing the property on numerous rental platforms, as well as showing off the appeal of the house, or enhancing the tourist experience with our accompanying guest services.

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